Giving Back with WoLand Foundation

Whenever Witkin Hults + Partners and the WoLand Foundation crew get the chance to give back to our community, we take that chance. And sometimes, “giving back” is done through thoughtful art.

This past year, we were able to bring attention to Earth’s unsung heroes, the bees. Our multimedia pop-up garden we lovingly called: Liquid Gold, was our opportunity to get creative, use our voice, and meet with our community about a topic we should all care about.

We knew that the year 2020 would make a public garden installation a difficult task, but we buckled down, collaborated with students and industry professionals, and created something beautiful.

Our Liquid Gold event was a success, and we’re happy to share these event highlights with you. Remember, no matter how small we may seem, we’re all an essential part of the bigger picture, like the bee.