Earth Day is Every Day at Witkin Hults + Partners

Landscape architecture is often thought of as a means of beautifying or "greening" homes or cities. Witkin Hults + Partners is no stranger to the importance and impact of our work on the environment. As we step towards a world of sustainability and the need for energy-efficient capital, landscape architects around the world will continue to play a critical role in preserving our planet for future generations.

Designed landscapes can serve to clean stormwater runoff by filtering pollutants, mitigate soil erosion around buildings and other built areas, provide valuable shade for buildings as well as citizens. Furthermore, it can also promote groundwater recharge. Landscape architects are fostering biodiversity in urban areas by constructing biofiltration swales. Healthy trees may be maintained with little effort or cost during construction. Many trees are precious enough to warrant extra attention.

It all comes down to protecting natural areas, supporting biodiversity, creating safe and vibrant communities, and combating climate change where we can, when we can. Considerations are constantly in an effect for green infrastructure, such as green streets, green roofs, and active transportation, and how these ideals contribute to the economy. We can design infrastructure more cheaply by changing methods or materials rather than undergoing major redesigns or unnecessarily distressing natural landscapes.

The use of plants as a material distinguishes landscape architecture from other design fields, and the possibilities for variations are limitless. The material collection is influenced by natural factors as well as aesthetics. Landscape architects work with what is natural to provide solutions that are both innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally friendly. With good, responsible design we can protect the earth and live in harmony with our natural resources even in our most populated cities.

We’ve heard it said that landscape architects are modern day white collar Planeteers. There’s room for debate over how much landscape architects agree with that sentiment, but one thing we all agree on is that in our line of work, every day is Earth Day.